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International Pen Friends (IPF) 
Via Pozzi 13, 80075 Panza d'Ischia (NA), ITALIA

Celebrating 41 Years! 1967-2008 - Join IPF now and make new friends all over the world!

International Pen Friends, which seeks to "foster international friendship through letter writing", has 300,000 members in 192 countries. It will send you the details of 14 contacts whose age and interests match your own at a cost of about £1 each.See


NB: Please note that we are in no way associated with the World Cultural Foundation based in USA who named their penfriend service 'International Pen Friends'. Our penfriend service was founded in 1967 and we have been using the name of International Pen Friends (IPF) since that time. 


International Pen Friends, Via Pozzi 13, I-80075 Panza d'Ischia (NA), ITALIA


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